Lesotho Lessons Learned from Queen Mamohato Hospital

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Working closely with GPOBA, the objective of this activity is to assist GPOBA to document the experience and lessons learned from a GPOBA-funded Grant completed in December 2012 which subsidized the initial delivery of health services at the Queen Mamohato Memorial Hospital (QMMH), the gateway clinic for the hospital and three filter clinics within Maseru District in Lesotho. This objective will be achieved by two deliverables as described below: A. Endline Study (to be delivered by May 2013). Measure the effective transition of Lesotho’s national referral hospital to QMMH by comparing endline data to previously collected baseline data through the review of secondary data, key informant interviews with senior managers to evaluate the organization’s systems, structures, and performance, and the direct observation of documents, facilities, and activities. B. Case Study and Multi-Media Package on Best Practices and Lessons Learned (to be delivered by May 2013). Document, in a case study and media materials, the lessons learned and the good applications of output-based aid (OBA) principles to showcase the experiences and lessons learned from implementation of the QMMH public-private partnerships (PPPs). PPP project to date and provide practical do’s and don’ts for donors, governments, NGOs, private sector and the independent verification process in similar health care PPPs.