Irrigation Systems Introduced for Small-Scale Cotton Farmers in Burkina Faso

GPOBA’s US$5.85 million grant agreement will upgrade small-scale cotton farmers' cultivation in Burkina Faso’s semi-arid region by introducing training for better land management and irrigation practices, installation and procurement of irrigation equipment, and access to credit financing -- all designed to stabilize production, increase revenues, and stem the negative effects of climate...
GPOBA is a global partnership program in the World Bank Group. Through a diverse portfolio of projects, GPOBA funds, designs, demonstrates and documents output-based aid approaches (OBA) to improve the delivery of basic services in  developing  countries. Large development projects too often fail to include the very poor, and GPOBA is dedicated to making sure the poor and marginalized  have access to  electricity, water, sanitation, health care, education and other basic services necessary for growth and opportunity.



Cleaner Nepal Cities

Read how an RBF approach in solid waste management helped improve several low-income Nepalese communities' health and environment, with upgraded performance from service providers and greater cost recovery. 



Focus on Irrigation

This month's edition coincides with World Water Day (March 22) and focuses on GPOBA's efforts in exploring RBF in irrigation. It also announces the signing of GPOBA's a grant agreement for an irrigation project in Burkina Faso. 

What’s New

Voices from the Field mark GPOBA's 15th Anniversary

After 15 years of providing access to basic infrastructure services, GPOBA is collecting testimonials from beneficiaries and implementers from the field describing how RBF-OBA has improved the quality of life.