Using OBA/RBF to improve gender equality

Output-Based Aid and Results-Based Financing can be applied to help achieve gender equality -- an essential part of economic development -- and enhance equal rights, conditions, opportunities and power for all to shape their own lives.
GPOBA is a global partnership program in the World Bank Group. Through a diverse portfolio of projects, GPOBA funds, designs, demonstrates and documents output-based aid approaches (OBA) to improve the delivery of basic services in  developing  countries. Large development projects too often fail to include the very poor, and GPOBA is dedicated to making sure the poor and marginalized  have access to  electricity, water, sanitation, health care, education and other basic services necessary for growth and opportunity.


Independent Verification  

As interest increases in using results-based financing (RBF) approaches, the need for a reliable verification system has been paramount. Independent verification process is a key component built into the OBA project design, as it helps to integrate monitoring and quality control into the project cycle and triggers subsidy disbursement.   



GPOBA Newsletter

Vol. 4, No. 9 / OBA Connections 

The third edition of OBA Connections for 2017 focuses on Gender Equality, and how OBA/RBF can be used to bridge the inequality gap -- economically and socially -- so that shared prosperity is also distributed to girls and women. As the half the world's population that has been marginalized from economic and political power in traditional societies, women must also be key players in the decision-making process for development projects, and thus ensuring their specific concerns are addressed. 


What’s New

Output-Based Aid for Urban Transport

The most recent issue of OBApproaches discusses the findings of a study to develop OBA pilot concepts and recommendations for urban transport projects. Lower-income groups rely heavily on public transportation systems to go to work, school and clinics --- buses, trams and train lines should continue to be affordable to them.