New Video Illustrates Improved Lives in Honduras via Water and Sanitation

An output-based aid facility connected 87,000 low-income residents to water and sanitation services, enhancing economic opportunities, communities' health, and facilitating daily routines. This video includes testimonials from beneficiaries and implementers describing the impact of having access to water and sanitation, along with the communities' involvement in achieving these projects.
GPOBA is a global partnership program in the World Bank Group. Through a diverse portfolio of projects, GPOBA funds, designs, demonstrates and documents output-based aid approaches (OBA) to improve the delivery of basic services in  developing  countries. Large development projects too often fail to include the very poor, and GPOBA is dedicated to making sure the poor and marginalized  have access to  electricity, water, sanitation, health care, education and other basic services necessary for growth and opportunity.


Photo: Solar Irrigation Pump / Prashanth Vishwanathan / IWMI

Bangladesh Solar Pumps: Reducing Dependency on Fossil Fuels

GPOBA’s April 2 webinar on "Innovative Financng for Solar Irrigation Systems" was attended by 40 renewable energy experts and World Bank staff to discuss the financial and technical aspects of transitioning from diesel-powered to solar-powered irrigation pumps in Bangladesh, as well as the effects on the country’s agriculture, environment, and management of water and energy resources. 

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April-May 2015 / OBA Connections 

We announce our newest signed grant agreement for an energy project in Zambia, coverage by Kenyan TV on our slum electrification efforts, media tracking of our Ghana sanitation project, GPOBA activities during World Bank Water Week (May 18-21), reports on our health projects in Yemen and Kenya, and information on webinars (past and upcoming). 


What’s New

Zambian shopkeeper

New energy connections for low-income Zambians

A US$ 4.95 grant agreement was recently signed by GPOBA and state power utility ZESCO to connect low-income households and micro-and-small enterprises (MSE) to the national electricity grid. Th first GPOBA-funded project in Zambia is designed to reach up to 140,000 beneficiaries in the poorest urban and peri-urban areas.  

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