Solar Lamps for Rural Areas of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC)

Activity Objectives: 
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    Congo Republic



The objective of this project is to promote the sale and distribution of modern off-grid lighting products in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). The project will pilot a method of bringing basic electricity services to poor households through use of a small, but targeted, output based subsidy by targeting urban and rural areas that are located far from the central grid network.

Development Impact: 

This project aims to provide approximately 600,000 households (est. 3 million people) with lighting within the targeted areas  that are not located near the central grid network in the DRC. Of those 600,000 households, GPOBA's grant is estimated to reach 200,000 (est. 1 million people).

GPOBA's role: 

GPOBA will pay subsidies to cover part of the total cost of the modern lighting products.

Project Update: 

The project's eligibility for Subsidy Funding has been approved.