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OBA Connections is GPOBA's monthly newsletter delivering informative news highlights, status of GPOBA's new and ongoing activities, publications, and happenings on the subject of output-based aid and other results-based financing.  

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Vol. 5, #8, 2017 FY17 Annual Report
Vol. 5, #7, 2017 GPOBA and World Water Week 2017
Vol. 5, #6, 2017 Behavior Change
Vol. 5, #5, 2017 OBA/RBF and Climate Finance 
Vol. 5, #4, 2017 OBA and PPPs 
Vol. 5, #3, 2017 Gender Equality 
Vol. 5, #2, 2017 Independent Verification 
Vol. 5, #1, 2017 Innovations in Development Financing
Vol. 4, #6, 2016 CoP22 and Climate Change 
Vol. 4, #5, 2016:  World Water Week and World Toilet Day 
Vol. 4, #4, 2016:  Focus on RBF/OBA in Energy
Vol. 4, #3, 2016:  Focus on Sanitation 
Vol. 4, #2, 2016:  World Bank Water Week, New Water Videos 
Jan 2016 Education Scoping Study and Webinar
Oct-Nov 2015:  2015 Annual Report, Multimedia Project Updates & Clean Tech 
Aug-Sept 2015:  Kenya Slum Electrification Video, New GPOBA Publications 
June-July 2015:  Bangladesh Clean Energy Scaleup 
April-May 2015:  Zambia Energy Grant Agreement; Kenya TV & Slum Electrification 
Feb-Mar 2015:  Ghana:  Greater Accra Sanitation Grant Agreement 
Dec 2014-Jan 2015:  Uganda RHVP Scaleup
Oct-Nov 2014:  New Horizons for Output-Based Aid - GPOBA Annual Report 2014 
September 2014:  $11.8 million grant agreement for Kenya Water and Sanitation 
August 2014:  Sida US$5.8 million supplemental contribution
July 2014:  Vanuatu Energy Grant Agreement, 1st in Pacific Islands
May 2014:  GPOBA Projects Awarded by Africa and East Asia-Pacific VPUs
April 2014:  Yemen Safe Motherhood Scale Up
March 2014:  OBA Community of Practice Event and GPOBA at Forum 2014
February 2014:  Manila Water Implementation Completion Report
January 2014: Signing of Grant Agreements for Kenya and Mali Projects
December 2013: $100 million in cumulative disbursements achieved
November 2013: Launch of new GPOBA website - www.gpoba.org
October 2013: GPOBA's 10th Anniversary Event, October 28-29, 2013
September 2013: Approximately 840,000 Residents in the West Bank to Receive Improved Solid Waste Management Services  
August 2013: Call for Proposals: Technical Assistance for Water & Sanitation Projects in Sub-Sahara Africa
July 2013: Vouchers for Reproductive Health Services in Uganda and Kenya
June 2013: Recognition of Key GPOBA Projects
May 2013: Ninth Annual Program Council Meeting Gives GPOBA Vote of Confidence
Spring 2013: GPOBA Commemorates 10 Years of Experience in Supporting the Delivery of Basic Services
Winter 2013: Swedish International Development Agency Doubles its Participation in GPOBA Funding