GPOBA is governed by a Program Council made up of one representative from each of its partners, including a World Bank Representative who serves as Chair.
The Program Council meets at least once a year and is responsible for:

  • Considering and defining GPOBA policies and strategies;
  • Overseeing the GPOBA Program Management Unit;
  • Approving the program’s indicative annual work plan and financial plan; and
  • Reviewing GPOBA performance.

The GPOBA Program Management Unit reports to the Program Council and carries out the GPOBA mandate and manages its day-to-day operations. The World Bank’s Urban and Disaster Risk Management Department administers the GPOBA unit. 

GPOBA Operating Principles (May 2016)  PDF: 378KB

The Program Council is supported by an independent Panel of Experts, comprised of up to three recognized practitioners in the field of the provision of infrastructure services or health or education services in developing countries. The Panel of Experts evaluate and endorse projects for subsidy funding recommended by the GPOBA Program Manager. GPOBA partners approve each member of the Panel of Experts.