Expanding Piped Water Supply to Surabaya’s Urban Poor

Activity Objectives: 

The objective of the output-based aid (OBA) scheme is to extend piped water connections to low-income households. The project will result in about 15,000 household connections to the utility’s piped water network and 500 household connections through a small number of innovative master meter schemes for informal communities not otherwise eligible for household supply. The total number of beneficiaries will be about 77,500 people. The proposed scheme supports three outputs: In-fill connections to existing mains; Expansion connections to previously un-served areas; and Bulk supply or “master meter” connections.

Development Impact: 

The primary benefits will be significant time and cost savings for households otherwise reliant on alternative supplies, as well as health benefits associated with an improvement in water quantity and quality of service. 

GPOBA's role: 

Technical Assistant funds have already been committed in order for Bank staff and GPOBA staff to prepare the project for commitment.

Environmental/Social Categorization: 
"U" for ISDS see: http://go.worldbank.org/PQEYJPD1N0
Grant Agreement: 
Project Update: 

A Grant Agreement was signed on February 11, 2009