Micro-finance for Small Water Schemes - Kenya

Activity Description: 

The project aims to increase access to and efficiency in water supply services for the poor in rural and peri-urban areas of Kenya through investments in selected community sub-projects. The project consists of the following parts:   Part A: Investment Financing Provision of a construction Sub-Grant to creditworthy Beneficiaries for the purpose of implementing sub-projects which meet the criteria laid out in the Operations Manual, including:   establishment of new water services through construction of water reservoirs and water tanks, drill bore-holes, install pipes and purchase and install water meters and other related water supply infrastructure; rehabilitation and augmentation of existing water supply services through a range of activities including purchasing of standby pumps; extending the pipe network; installing of zonal, mass and consumer meters to enhance audit facilities; and erecting chlorine dosers; and rehabilitation and extension of storage tanks.   Part B: Project Management and audit Provision of auditing services for the effective implementation, monitoring and supervision of the Project. Subsidies for technical assistance to community sub-projects. For more information visit: http://go.worldbank.org/PNQH0BC6T1